Saft is a battery maker like no other.

Saft is a battery maker like no other. From research to manufacturing and sales, we set the pace. We have some of the brightest minds working on developing and producing our batteries; around 1.5 percent of our employees have PhDs.

We are a global company employing people from 49 countries; 32 percent of our workforce are women (including 23 percent of our engineers and managers). We are the producer of choice for some of the world’s most demanding customers and our batteries, systems and solutions make a difference across a broad range of market sectors.

Saft is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Total.


Saft’s LS and LSH cylindrical primary lithium cells ranges, all based on Lithium-Thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) chemistry perfectly suit high-energy and high-voltage requirements in a wide range of temperatures.

The bobbin construction of the LS range enables the maximum loading of active materials and the correspondingly maximum energy. With its remarkably low self-discharge, it perfectly matches long-term (from five to 20 years plus) applications featuring a few µA base currents and periodic pulses, typically in the 5-150 mA range.

The LSH range has a spiral construction and includes specific models that can operate at the very high temperatures found in oil and gas applications, for example. The cells are designed for applications requiring pulses as high as 4 A.

Features & Benefits

  • High operating voltage, stable during most of the application lifetime
  • Highest energy density among primary lithium chemistriesullet point 1
  • Lowest self-discharge for extended shelf and operating life
  • High pulse capability, thanks to well-controlled passivation with limited voltage delay
  • Excellent reliability over extended operating life
  • 20 year+ design with best quality components and materials
  • Wide operating temperature range, matching all environment conditions
  • Up to 40 years of mass production, with fully automated process
  • Redundant production lines, to optimize supply chain efficiency and mitigate industrial risk
  • Low magnetic signature

Technical Specifications

  • Nominal voltage: 3.6 V
  • Bobbin construction for the LS range
  • Spiral construction for the LSH range
  • Cylindrical format: from 1/2AA to D
  • Capacity range: 1.2 Ah to 17.0 Ah
  • Max pulse discharge rate up to 4 A
  • Operating temperature: – 60°C to + 150°C
  • Non-flammable electrolyte
  • Compliant with IEC60086-4, IEC60079-11 and UL1642 certified
  • Compliant with the European directive RoHS and REACH


The Saft LM/M cylindrical primary lithium cells are based on lithium-manganese dioxide (Li-MnO2) chemistry. They feature high surface area spiral electrodes for high power and maximum current pulse capability and an electrolyte formula for excellent performance in low temepratures. They are designed specifically for applications featuring continuous currents in the 0.1-5A range, with superimposed pulses as high as 5A. They deliver minimal voltage delay, even after long-term storage in uncontrolled temperature environments.

Features & Benefits

  • High voltage, stable throughout the application lifetime
  • Excellent resistance to passivation, even after long-term storage in uncontrolled temperature environments
  • Safe and reliable high-power performance in potentially explosive atmospheres ATEX (C- and D-size EX cells)
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +70°C)
  • Low self-discharge compatible with long shelf life and long operating life
  • High capacities at high currrents
  • Released capacity independent of the cell orientation
  • Excellent safety record

Technical Specifications

  • Nominal voltage: 3.0V
  • Spriral construction
  • Cylindrical format: 1/3A to DD
  • Capacity range: 0.5 Ah to 33.0 Ah
  • Operating temperature: – 40°C to + 70°C
  • Ex cells compliant with IEC60079-11 Intrinsic Safety for ATEX applications (EC type certification)
  • Non-corrosive electrolyte
  • Compliance with the European directive RoHS
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Sensirion – The Sensor Company

  • The headquarters in Switzerland is responsible for research, development, and production.
  • The product range includes gas and liquid flow sensors, differential pressure sensors and environmental sensors for the measurement of humidity and temperature, volatile organic compounds (VOC), carbon dioxide (CO2) and particulate matter (PM2.5).
  • An international network with sales offices in the US, Europe, China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea supplies international customers with standard and custom sensor system solutions for a vast range of applications.
  • Sensirion sensors can commonly be found in the medical, industrial and automotive sectors, analytical instruments, consumer goods and HVAC products.

Multi-Pixel Gas Sensors SGP

Digital Humidity Sensor SHT3x (RH/T)

Best-In-Class Humidity Sensor For Various Applications

CO2 and RH/T Sensor Module

SCD30 – Sensor Module for HVAC and Indoor Air Quality Applications

Flow Sensor Solutions
Environmental Sensing